GTR’s Biggest Critic 

Apologizes to Simon and

Global Trade Room

For Getting It Wrong”

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Global Trade Room has been teaching students how to trade since 2005. From our very humble beginnings back in 2005  when Simon Jousef (Master Trader at GTR) was named one of top 5 Traders in the world, based on an international trading competition by a major Financial magazine.

GTR Is More Than A Room, It’s A Powerful Methodology.

“Wow,  talk about walking the walk.….watching you guys make cash profits while I make sim profits is killing me.   A few more weeks like this one & I’ll be a sim millionaire.”

SeD , April 2015          

The Team

“. . . I am consistently managing 60 – 90 ticks per day trading 3 contracts, averaging 5 – 8 trades per day”

Don M, January 2015      

Take Control of Your Trading. Yeah, There’s An Option For That. . . . GTR!

Global Trade Room was established in 2005 by Simon Jousef as a community where people were taught a very powerful, diverse, transparent, consistent, and extremely profitable trading methodology. Very teachable. No confusing indicators to clog up your screen. Just pure trading. GTR was voted one of the best trading rooms and a Trade Titan for many reasons. . . .

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Global Trade Room offers 5 days of training for it’s students / members. This is 5 days of Live Training. That’s  over 30+ hours a week.

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Smart Stops

As a trader you must use stops. But there’s no need for big huge stops. At GTR we use 2-6 tick stops. We call them Smart Stops. Most traders use 15-20 tick stops or higher. With our smart stops, a trader would save over $50,000 a year on just 3 contracts.

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You’ll be mentored by one of the best traders around. Here to help you all the way to the top.

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2 Sessions

2 Sessions , Morning and Afternoon US sessions. This helps speed up the learning curve for you in your trading journey.

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Real Traders. Real People.

We know what it’s like to be frustrated in your trading journey.Countless gurus, trade rooms, indicators, promises, blah blah blah. GTR is different. It will be the last trade/train room you will ever need.


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People everywhere are loving GTR and we thrive off their success. We know we can trade. The goal is to get you to that level. The aha moment. When you see the market as we do. It’s an amazing feeling.

GTR . . . . Just keeps on getting Better !

A Current GTR Student

There is no one in the business calling live trades in a room and knocking it out of the park day after day like Simon, and

I’ve been in so many rooms I’ve lost count! I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some

really great traders but I’ve never witnessed anyone that catches so many trades to the exact tick that you do.

Is GTR the Best Trade Room Out There?

We can say so til we’re blue in the face. But we would rather prove it. Come to the trial.

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