The Ultimate Scam Artist

Braveheart, Scarface, Godfather, Die Hard, Avengers, Star Wars. What do these movies have in common . . . . . They all suck!


Boy, I bet you guys are ready to take my head off. But I didn’t say they suck. A professional movie critic said it. That’s right. When all these movies came out, at the time of release, a minimum of 2 movie critics said that these movies sucked. How is that possible? I like them all. So do you just read a review and go with it? No, not if you really want to see it. You go and see it and form your own opinion.


Now moving forward to the wonderful Mr. Emmett Moron (Emmett Moore). This idiot who was busted by the CFTC and the FBI and God knows how many other agencies for fraudulently stealing his own clients money. He supposedly was a trader. Yeah some trader. After being busted for fraud and doing time in prison he now has his own website and blog talking about fraudulent trading companies. Pretty funny actually. That’s like Adolf Hitler speaking out against hate crimes. And of course he has his little minions who comment and agree with everything he says. Instead of growing a pair between their legs themselves and making their own opinion.


I have to tell you right up front now this article won’t be very pleasant. And I will use some vulgarity. So if you get offended easily, then stop reading now and go to the Disney Channel and read their blog.


Let me tell you a bit more about your lovely little Emmett Moron. Not only does he randomly just blast and call every trade room fraudulent. He actually calls some of the best rooms out there fraudulent without any proof and then he actually accepts money to reverse that review and give that company a good review. There is journalism for you. So you see he’s not out to actually help the trading community he’s out to make a quick buck like he did when he got busted for fraud himself.


How IRONIC. Dr. Dean Handley spends 7 years and fully researches over 1,000 rooms and breaks down and filters out which rooms pass his very simple 3 step criteria. And with that he came up with 12-13 rooms that he called Trade Titans. But he actually took the time and spent time in all these rooms (the ones that allowed him). Some rooms he spent weeks in. Actually even took trades to see if there so called performance actually did work and was verifiable. So along comes “Scam Artist Extraordinaire Emmett Moron” and what does Mr. Lazy do. He attacks those 12-13 rooms. How Convenient.


You see how the scam works. I touched on it briefly earlier. He attacks rooms/people that have a good reputation, without any proof. And he hopes that they will pay him to remove his negative comments. Because it costs less than to hire an attorney to sue for defamation of character. You see. The #1 Fraudulent Trader is back to scams. The only difference is that with this scam he can’t be arrested by the CFTC or FBI or any other agency as he was before. He is covered under Freedom of Speech.


He recently badmouthed Global Trade Room. Now before any of you smart asses decide to say that, oh this guy is talking about Global trade room because he works for them. Yes I do work for them. So I’ll  save you the hassle. But I’ve also known Simon Jousef long before I started working for him. There is no better trader or better person in the trading community hands-down.


If there were negative comments made about me, I could care less bring them on. I wouldn’t even waste one second replying. Haters will be haters. And negative and miserable people will forever stay the same. But when you attack somebody that I know personally the way you guys have attacked Global trade room, then my gloves come off and you guys can all go F yourself. I will fight back by any means necessary and bury anybody in my way. If you’ve tried one of the rooms, fully fully tried. And you’re unhappy and unsatisfied with it, then state your own opinion (positive or negative) and move on. No harm no foul. But when you attack and make claims that are not true without any proof, then I will attack back twice as hard.


1st of all you guys talk about transparency. Before you talk about transparency, go buy a dictionary. Read the definition of transparency. Keep reading it for an entire day. Then go ask at least 10 people what it means. Is clearly all of Emmett Moron’s little minions who commented on his post knew nothing about anything when it comes to trading. Just like any other spineless tagalong they just went along with what he said and agreed with him. Wow congratulations. You just graduated preschool. Actually I shouldn’t say that. Because I’d be insulting preschoolers.


For one thing, Global trade room offers free trials every single week unlimited. That’s 8 hours in the room. Where live trades are called in real time and in advance. We also show to everybody in the room the whole chat box. Nothing is hidden. If you do sign up. You have 5 full days in the room and if it’s not for you, just say so. You get a full refund same day. No questions asked. How much more transparent do you need.


Oh, oh,wait , wait. The small minded minions of the world including Emmett Moron want to see statements. You know Bernie Madoff had statements too. How did that work out? If you guys want statements, just go get yourself a $39 Forex robot. They have tons of amazing statements. And I think you guys can make like $1 million a week. I mean that’s a pretty good deal right? Real traders don’t worry about statements. They just want to know that you can trade. And we do that live in the room every day. Some of our members are actually some of the best hedge fund managers and ex pit traders in the world.


Another stupid comment. Oh, they don’t show their dom. What? Why do you need to see our dom?  For Christ’s sakes. Get your own charts up and follow along. If you can’t afford your own charts and your own platform then you have no business trading to begin with. How difficult is that. A trade is called live. The call is made well in advance. With the stops and the targets. You can just look at your own charts and follow along.


One thing to remember. In your future endeavors. Personal, business, or trading. You should pray to God or count your blessings that the people you encounter have just 10% of the integrity and moral standard that Simon Jousef has. I have never met a better person and I will not stand here and watch you guys belittle him or his company. And I sure as hell won’t take it from some sneaky conniving little twit who himself was convicted of fraud in the financial sector.


And honestly what difference does it make whether I’m telling you the truth or I’m lying. Go to the free trial and see for yourself. And keep going for free for as long as you want. Every mentor/trader in the room goes out of their way to help members succeed. Along with our US session, Jay covers 5 days a weeks in Asia session. He even does unlimited trial for Asia. We just added last week a Saturday session. We don’t have to do that. We already got our money, according to Emmett, right? Wrong. We work very hard for the advancement and success of members toward their trading careers as so do the other Titans I’m sure. So to take the word of some scam artist who could never cut it as a real trader as law . . . Then I hate to say, you’ll never amount to anything either. When you follow someone who does not have your best interest at heart, then . . . well you know the outcome.



Do your research. Ask questions. Find the truth for yourself. And make your own opinions.


I’m out.


Here’s an idea. I’ll challenge Emmett to a trading challenge. Course I haven’t talked to Simon yet but I’m sure won’t be a problem. That’s right all one-on-one trading competition Emmett against Simon. Live.  Let’s see if Emmett will put his money where his mouth is. Simon does it every day. Trades live in front of hundreds of people every single day. Putting his reputation and integrity on the line every day. You up for it Emmett. If not shut your pie hole and go back to what you do best. . . stealing money.


Now I’m out


Please feel free to take this article and share or blast it on any social or other media of your choice. If he thinks that people should know about supposed bad trading rooms, then people should also know about Emmett (Moore) Moron’s past and current scams.


Think I’m lying about Emmett Moron, look:


Public Service Announcement

Be aware of Emmett Moore (believed to be his legal name) who is a self-admitted SEC felon who has recently begun attacking web sites within the trading industry. Suspected cyber crimes range from, but are not limited to, attempts to gain access to proprietary intellectual property through the use of multiple aliases and false identities, slanderous statements and accusations that appear to have no factual basis and other forms of fraudulent behavior. Should you be approached by this man known as Emmett Moore, or one of his operatives, sever all interactions immediately. Based on past criminal activity this man could be armed and dangerous. Please do not reveal any personal or financial data. We invite you to read: A Review of Emmett Moore;


More Proof of Emmett’s Scams


Check out the Rip Off Report:



 Dimitri A.